The imitation Game

Riding up the layers and riding down them, over and over again till we find the proper balance needed to place yourself in this big wide world. The whole world is just a conglomeration of different ideas put together. All is nothing but an imitation game. To seek the truth out of this is the success at the end of this game. The worlds die. Many would have shat on top of your heads and you may carry them with you as your priced possessions, but the truth is far, far beyond what the normal eyes can see or feel. To articulate what this truth might be is an impossible task. Not just for me but for the whole of human kind. God's role in this is to simply provide you with subtle details that might help you on your way. Beyond that even the god is helpless. He/she is like a teacher who can guide you along your way, only to show you the path. To tread along you must have at most patience. Tools that may help you are non attachment and selfishness. By selfish, I do not imply the normal meaning of the term. Well, people who have gotten there will understand.

Sometimes looking towards an idol is good but what if we go beyond that. What if we imbibe that person into us. Imitation is not good. It makes the job of people who are responsive to stimuli very easy. In essence it makes you easy to judge. The choice is yours whether to be a part of this imitation game or to break free from these chains to liberate and reinvent yourself.



  1. The very act of imitating might be a callous approach, but the act of liberating oneself through rebellion or ignorance is again but another act of imitation. We are never really away from copying or observing others and imbibing their mannerisms or perspectives to an extent. A personal stand would be where an individual allows him/herself to be bothered by the validity of any truth, and he/she pursues on a quest to examine the established truth. Nice write-up!


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