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The Stream of Life

The journey that each and every one of us has to take is entwined. It can be summed up using a simple but powerful analogy. It is like a twig that floats on top of a stream. If you observe its movement, you can find that there are two ways in which it moves, nonetheless, forward. Sometimes, it follows a circular movement and other times it follows a straight movement. Our whole life is like this, constantly moving forward to that one destination. I am not referring to death here and I am certainly not talking about a single lifespan. The destination is that of ultimate freedom. This may or may not be attained in a single life. But each one of us is sure to reach that stage one day or the other. Ironically, the soul is already of that nature. Different layers have to be penetrated before you get to the soul. The time when you become ignorant is the time we take a circular motion. We become slaves to our own mind and hence forget the sole purpose of this life until a revelation hits us…