I think therefore I am or I am therefore I think?

“I think therefore I am” is a famous quote by the French philosopher Rene Descartes. But, is it all that is there to it? What about its flipside? ‘I am therefore I think’. This might seem like the age-old question of what came first? Is it the chicken or the egg? But, in reality, it is not.

When we say 'I think therefore I am', we arrive at a conclusion that the self was built according to the experiences that we have had. That would mean that we were born with a clean slate, with absolutely nothing on our minds. If everything was acquired, and everything was given to us by our parents, then how can we explain the life of Christ? Remember, his parents were just ordinary people. 
The self is immortal, it is without a beginning or an end. So, the ‘I’ came first followed by the mind, the body and subsequently, the thoughts. In short, it is I am therefore I think. When you observe children, you will get to know that they are, all the time curious. They keep asking their parents q…

Beyond the Horizon

Death Sentence.

Life, for me is death,
Death for me is birth.
This world be the last one
For millions I have gone
Before I came upon the throne
Made of shattered glass and cold steel.

I thought I could be the King of Kings
In a world that stings
Me with the vicious tail
Made of poisonous zeal; too strong
To make this fair and just kingdom,
A mere place, staged for my martyrdom.

I bid farewell to you all,
For I'm going far to the soul
Embracing the stench of Humanity
Where even gods have lost their dignity
What more can I tell and bear?
The words whispered from the heart of a Lair!

The Black Widow

She had an aim in her life,
To spin a web for her and her alone
I thought she could be my wife,
But before I Knew it, she was gone!

Prettiest Spiders are the most venomous 
I was caught in the web
She was oblivious and tenuous
And I died in that ebb.

She did not eat me or
Suck the blood out of me
Maybe she wanted more
Than what I could see.

For three months she had me
In her web of uncertainity
I did not want to get out, and I let it be
The beauty masked with selfish incongruity.

The Stream of Life

The journey that each and every one of us has to take is entwined. It can be summed up using a simple but powerful analogy. It is like a twig that floats on top of a stream. If you observe its movement, you can find that there are two ways in which it moves, nonetheless, forward. Sometimes, it follows a circular movement and other times it follows a straight movement. Our whole life is like this, constantly moving forward to that one destination. I am not referring to death here and I am certainly not talking about a single lifespan. The destination is that of ultimate freedom. This may or may not be attained in a single life. But each one of us is sure to reach that stage one day or the other. Ironically, the soul is already of that nature. Different layers have to be penetrated before you get to the soul. The time when you become ignorant is the time we take a circular motion. We become slaves to our own mind and hence forget the sole purpose of this life until a revelation hits us…

The Dilemma

Is this the end or the beginning?
The road to light ahead
And the road to life behind
Both gleaming before me.
I see the light but
Life sees me
Caught between two worlds,
I am frozen and petrified
Am I a fool to ask?
Immortality or love?
In the abyss of my heart,
I seek your hand;
The hand of god or
The hand of my lady love?

Nature and The Self

The self is made up of three gunas, they are sattva, rajas and tamas. The permutation and combination of these three gunas give rise to the character of a person. The nature and the self are two different things altogether but they are deeply interconnected and interlinked. There is an unbreakable connection between the world and your self. For the spiritual aspirants this is the starting level where they begin to believe in a superpower because of this connection. Then he/she will have to go look for a guru who will explain these phenomena to him/her if they become a disciple. One peculiar thing about the Guru-shishya relationship is that the guru does not have a shishya but a shishya always has a guru. This has to be like this in order for the Vedanta knowledge to shine in the disciple. This connection is based on your character which is shaped by the three gunas. But this nature is different from the Purusha. The Purusha is that one which does not have a sensory existence. In the B…