The world, we imagine it to be real. But we need strong imagination to thrive on. Imagination is the linchpin of success. People who have strong imagination tend to be successful in their lives. Take up an idea and make that idea your whole life[sic.]. The power of the mind is so intense that your idea, if imagined to be very strong will be manifested in some form or the other. People say don't be selfish, but selfishness to an extend is needed in the present world.

If you become successful, share it, because you cannot claim to have reached heights only by yourself. Have gratitude and supply for the needy. If you do good, good will always have a way of coming back to you. It might not be from the same person but from a different person in a different form it will always find you. A pure mind devoid of all negativity will do only good things. That is real beauty. External appearance may define a person to an extent but inside matters the most. If you can be good and do good at the same time, that is a miracle.

Miracles don't just happen out of the blue. Everything in this world has a purpose till its dead and beyond. Its mere existence could be of use. Every event has a reason. There is no such thing called accident. If you follow the world closely you will find a surprisingly great connection of events in the stream of events taking place in the world. This is not by accident. It has been there in the world, it is there and it will be there. How beautifully god has presented before us a magnanimous stream wherein you just have to facilitate the things that go through you. Who is this pied piper? Its called The Dharma. I have in many instances used this term. But I cannot just term it under one roof. It is so very vibrant that it becomes all of these. This is a universal law. In the Vedas there are mantras even for the people living in the stars. How very generous our Rishis were to have prayed for peace even for aliens(from our perspective). This rich and varied culture belongs to Barath  and none can take it away from us. Be aware of it and be a part and parcel of it.

Salutations to all


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