Homage to the Devil

Praise the Devil, Praise the Lord
Both, two sides of the same coin.
If one is praised and the other
Is pelted with stones,
Who is to say that He will save
Us from misery when He is to be

Light a lamp, offer food
For the righteous Devil!
He may grant you the wishes
Never to be true in the light
Of that all merciful Lord.
The mind that prays cannot
Subdue the mind that hurts.

Is there a duel between them?
The Devil and the Lord?
This incongruity shall never
Seem to pass this wretched world
What has become of man?
Is he an offspring?
Of the Devil and the Lord?

When shall he learn the obvious?
Both are inevitable for mankind
Both exist buried deep within 
One's mind
The choice is left to us to be the
Devil or the Lord.
Hail the mankind.


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