Mind Service

Take out my mind,
What all comes out?
Look, there I am,
Riding a bicycle
Feeding on my mother's breasts
I cannot tell you all this
Oh wait, if not you, then who?

I gave it to my master
He will
Cleanse it for me, I thought
He gazed at it
For a minute or two
And said, my friend its overdue!
Like a churning river it flowed,
In and out of this tomb.

"Give me a break", I pleaded.
Once it starts, there's no stopping
I looked there and I looked here
Nowhere I found the poison
To kill this beastly dragon,
Spitting hell fire on all.

I shut me up in my mind
I let it loose like an hind
Endless seas for it to go,
Before it reaches the shore
The creator rests in peace
Deep within the limitless seas
I see it now, but now its gone!
In my heart where it was born.


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