I have just finished watching "The Conjuring" and they claim it to be a true story. I don't want to appear skeptical and say that its not. It would be a total disrespect for the efforts of the exorcists both abroad and inside the country. So that leaves us with a question. Does God and the devil exist? No would be the answer. I am not being self contradictory by making such a statement. 'Isha Vasyam Idam Sarvam' This is the very first verse of The Ishavasya Upanishad, which means cover up the whole universe in terms of GOD. So the whole world becomes god and even the devil will be god. If you completely understand this concept, then its unnecessary to read all the scriptures, but sadly this cannot be explained more that this as it is to be experienced and not told, which is impossible.

Then what are these supernatural occurrences?  I wouldn't say that it is god, indeed it is the devil. But one thing that we must understand is the power of our minds. The mind can be both the god and devil for you. Mind makes things real around us. The mind has the ultimate power to change its surroundings. Change even the very nature of human beings. But the all powerful soul rests inside the body. Why does the soul constantly think that its the mind/body etc. The Hindus do not have an answer[sic]. The mind tricks us into believing certain phenomena to be true. Especially when there is a false belief that the devil exists. If you want it to exist, then surely a man can take up the form of a devil.

I would like to say that what you will see (hyped up a bit) in the movie is nothing but the play/power of the mind. The Hindus also perform certain exorcism so to say. People have told me many incidents like a twelve year old child acting like an eighty year old woman and speaking a tongue which is completely oblivious even to their parents. How does this happen then? The Hindus know that we are all reincarnated spirits. If we have this life, then it means that we've had a previous one. All that happens in one's life cannot be dismissed by giving it certain names as the psychologists would do. The parts of the inner senses are namely: manas (mind), chittam (memory), buddhi (intellect) and ahamkaram (ego). All these senses never die. It remains till it acquires another body. But this is totally harmless and does not have the power to attack us in any way possible. But the memories can come back to a body. This is what happens when we say a person is "possessed". The previous life's memories come back to them and they enter a psychic stage where anything and everything is possible for them. They can even read people's minds and perform some extraordinary tasks. But the rational mind cannot digest this. It will simply say that its beyond its comprehension.

The argument thus boils down to this very basic fact that according to our karma we experience the world and no one can break this. Till our prarabdha karma is over we will be here in the world; living and not dying!. We wont die a second before or after that. Hence death is certain and it is the thing least to be afraid of.



  1. Art in any form, or the mysterious and mystical happenings in this universe are well accepted if only one is ready to willingly suspend his/her disbelief for the moment. Keep the good writing always coming!

    1. Thank you for that insight into the mysterious! I shall do my best.


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