Paradox of Misery.

The world is full of paradoxes, more than that it is full of misery. Misery way beyond the comprehension of the ordinary man. That is the paradox. The small joys and wonders that we run after will surely come to an end as soon as the mind retrieves from that. But you would have conditioned your mind in a way that it wants it again. What if you dont get it or it doesnt give you the same joy it used to? The misery starts. This can be applied for all the material possessions in the world. The world has a set of laws and no one can transgress it. But it is foolish to term it as fate and relax a bit. Your fate is in your own hands.

Consider the case of a pregnant woman. Her family will rejoice. All of them will be carried away by the same fact. This is indeed very nice and it should be that way. But what if, by the oddest of chances they turn out to be unsuccessful parents? Every child is unique and some may take a whole life time to understand certain characters of a son or a daughter. Bad parenting is one such example where we think that we gave the children what they need but mostly we will be giving what they want. This line of demarcation, the difference between need and want, should be drawn by the parent way before the child is born. If the parent has not provided the child with this logic, then the child will definitely be in turmoil all throughout his or her life.Who is to be blamed? Another paradox. Neither the child nor the parent can be blamed fully. It is a dreadful state both of them arrive at.

The world is so full of beauty on the other side. We are responsible for our own actions. Our present is decided by our past. If we want to better our future then we must work on our present. The conscious choices that we make in our lives should be governed by morality. The foundation for good strong moral values in our lives should come from our parents. Ultimately you are responsible for your state of affairs. Choose wisely. Be your own master. Master the mind and be free. The one who has mastered his or her mind has reached the ultimate consciousness. He or she will not be perturbed by material possessions.

Salutations to all.


  1. Good or bad parenting, after a certain age the burden falls on the individual. We make a simple life complicated by creating paradoxes for ourselves, the biggest source being hypocrisy. Read "The Terrorist's Son: A Story of Choice" by Zak Ebrahim. And, good writing, keep it coming.


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