Value Judgements.

Before judging others, try to judge yourself and find out how miserably you will fail. Judging someone with your own standards is not fair. If you don't know their standards then how can you judge? Only god can look down on people. A proper judge would be the one who has realized herself/himself. Now, the judges in the court will have the book of law as their standard. But to judge yourself, there is no such book. Your own experiences measure you, your actions define you. If you are mentally and intellectually strong enough to measure yourself in the light of your own experiences that would be wonderful!

People often say "forget the past and move on". I'd like to say forget the emotions that are attached with the past and not the experiences. Learn your lessons and leave it at that. Experience is your greatest Guru. You will have to judge yourself till the point it becomes harmful for you and the others around you! That is how you can draw the line between reality and imagination. Care to try it out? Please don't. Because meddling with your own mind is the worst fate one can bring upon him/herself.

Once you have done this, you are a free soul that can touch/change people's lives altogether. Then you need not judge yourself as well as others. You will have become a part of the universe, unbound and majestic: The Dharma. Nothing, absolutely nothing can harm you at this point. Not even your 'self'' if at all it was harmful for you in the past. This is Nirvana or Moksha.



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