Uncommon sense

Misunderstanding between people is like a snake which spits venom. Even countries get divided(India and Pakistan) due to misunderstanding between them. The Hindus and Muslims, as a religion, they are fundamentally the opposite. By religion I mean it as an opinion by great prophets and not a sect of people. The Hindu dharma is different and it is omnipresent. During the partition, Muslims in India and Hindus in Pakistan were deeply misunderstood. I object the English East India Company for having been the root cause of these in-fights. They turned the relationship between our Hindu and Muslim brothers into a hostile one. Ideologically we may differ but we are all part of that one Dharma. I would like to see the world as one nation and several countries. Because we have only one race: The Human Race.

Prejudices work inside the minds of people. It is a wretched fact that it cannot be erased from the planet unless everyone attains the purity of the heart. I give credit to the man who made the phase "follow your heart". But he didn't made it clear enough I guess.

The heart only answers to those who have got a pure mind, devoid of all negativity. Haven't you come across the duality in you? While thinking about an object or a person, don't you have two opinions? That is how people become enemies to themselves. Kill the enemy(metaphorical) and put your faith in yourself and rise. First me must understand ourselves to understand others.


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