Have you ever been a mere shadow of someone? Have you ever tried to imitate someone in your life? Trying to adapt their values and mannerisms in life? Apart from you Gurus and parents whom have you chosen as your 'role-model'. Its not about whomsoever it is, but imitation is a dangerous thing. Imitation limits you very badly. It spoils you. It leaves a bad impression of you on others. We subconsciously imitate many people. This fact is really unknown to us. Record your actions once and try to observe yourself closely. Then you may find yourself in a way behaving like your mentor. Having role-models is fine but blindly following them is not. Be a leader not a follower.

The good things that a person does can be adapted into your own life but not imitated. This is the point where I disagree with Gandhi. He said 'My Life is My Message' what did he actually mean by that? His life is his own to live. He cannot just simply impose it on others which he did as I reckon. Taking up his ideals is good enough. Non-violence and peace are indeed good ideals. But living a Gandhian life is so disastrous. What will happen if you get beaten to death? Have you ever wondered how many useless people followed Gandhian principles blindly? Of course, now it has reduced and has come down to almost nil. But a whole generation of people suffered from this ill-fate.

Accept values and ideas only if they seem to be logical to you. In the Vedas it is said that "if someone says anything logical, even if it is a small child you must accept it and if even Lord Brahma says something illogical, you should reject it like a blade of grass. Having said that, I shall recommend taking up initiatives and bringing out the best in you should be the aim of life. For that you need to have a strong foundation. This only comes from a pure and solid heart and mind. These are the basic requirements. If you do not have these, strive to attain the purity of the heart. Then you will see god. Then god can be your mentor. Who else is more apt than god?



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