Schizoaffective Disorder.

My honest opinions about this disorder is that "don't follow your mind, but take decisions with your brain". As I have already mentioned in my previous posts that the mind is mostly what you acquire from your surroundings, it can have good or bad elements in it. But the human body is designed in such a way that the brain has power over the mind. Binary thinking happens in the mind and the decision is made by the brain. So let the mind do its job, but at the same time know that the brain is in your hands!

People having this disorder would want to fulfill the needs of their minds. Let them do that but at their on risks and not with others' lives at stake. First they must deconstruct themselves and then build on a new 'personality'. If this persona is not adequate enough, then the society or your near and dear ones will destroy it immediately for you. This is not a mental problem but it is actually a disorder where your mind and the brain are in frequent conflict. Do no let the mind win. If you do that then the consequences will be severe.

Meditation is one of the ways by which you can rearrange your thoughts. A simple way of doing it is to think, while meditating in the morning, of what all things that you are supposed to do during the day and while meditating at night, think of what all things you did during the day. Rest of the time focus on the present. This is a very simple yet powerful way of pulling through this disorder. Certainly for those of you who do not have the will can resort to medication. But in my humble opinion, medication alone will not solve your problems.



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