Perspectival Objectivity.

Everything on this planet springs out of a Perspectival Objectivity. An objective idea that comes from a subjective thought/imagination. The core of our being, the sole existence is one and the same for all. Hence, every idea basically comes out from the same source. The transcendentalists call it the 'over-soul'. If you find the soul and its nature, you can know everything. Knowledge is not open ended. The little nuances, the bits and pieces you pick up from this world(your world that is) are just information. Indeed one can claim to have known everything if he finds out the core of everything. Pure science is limited. Technology knows no ends. The reason is that one is knowledge and the other is information.

By 'your world' I mean your idea of the world. We are all living in that 'imaginary homeland'(title by Salman Rushdie). We see the world the way we want to see it. Hence the phrase 'putting yourselves in someone's shoes '. It should be rephrased as seeing the world through the eyes of another. Imagination is needed and indeed very useful. If all of us were to imagine the same thing, for example: make the whole world noble, the it will have an effect on the world. Again we come to the question. "Who's world are we talking about?"

The Rishis in the Vedas proclaimed that they have experienced the truth. They have advised us to move together towards goodness. The binaries that are in operation here is subjective to those who live in their own world. Each person has their right to choose what they want. But, throwing a stone without a target can be deadly! We need to have an aim in life. I will not agree with the concept of self-reliance until everyone has become self-reliant. Fulfillment can never be attained by solely relying on yourself unless you are born with godly tendencies. That kind of an existence, on earth, is very rare. The rest of us need to follow a path which only a Guru and show us. This path may also be another kind of world that the Guru creates but surely one day he/she will pull you out of it. The ironical fact is that once you are out you wont run away from those worlds. You will be near it, but untouched by it, so that you can pull up others who comes your way.



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