Give and Take

The main concern in this article is about giving and taking. I hope all of you are aware of this concept. It’s not just in the matter of respect, it is also in thought. Again I would like to emphasis the fact that minds are connected. So, we can see a turbulent flow of thoughts to and fro your mind and others’. Parents should be the first and foremost people to understand this.

Even when a child is inside the mother’s womb, the child can sense the mother’s feelings. If someone shouts at the mother, when the baby hears that person’s voice after birth, he/she will definitely cry. It’s not about the intellect, but about the mind. The key is to concentrate on the present. Pondering upon the past and worrying about the future brings in complications to life. Parents should never advise their children because advises will create an opposite impression on anyone’s mind. Instead they should be a role model for the kids and they should show them how to live righteously. Children learn by imitating the people around them. A child is innocent, so better not think of unhealthy thoughts when they are around you. If you can’t control your mind, control the language and actions. The period between 0-6 years of age is very crucial for a child’s mental and physical growth. Hence he/she should not be exposed to harmful thoughts and actions.

We cannot deny the fact that we love ourselves the most. The love for others emanates from the love for yourself. In essence everyone is selfish to that extent. The point here being the fact that the child too has his/her own identity which is unique and it should not be disturbed. You don’t own your kids, neither do they own you. If you give them good thoughts and actions, they will give the same back to you. If you break this code of conduct, do not expect them to be polite towards you. Fights between parents also cause the child to lose faith in them.
Children should also understand their parents’ value and importance in their lives. Without their blessings, the child cannot possibly grow physically or mentally. Love is the linchpin in every relationship. To love and to serve your parents is divine.
Salutations to all.



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