Marijuana; How it Affects the Human Brain.

Pot is probably the only non-addictive psychotropic drug on the planet. My intention is to elucidate how pot works on the human brain and how people get addicted to it. For this, I shall break it into three stages which the pot user will go through if he smokes up without a break.

The first stage I shall call it 'The Euphoria'. This is a stage in which the user is not aware of its potential defects and goes into a trance along with the use of the substance. Just like any new thing would work on your system, pot also works its ways in your system. All your senses gets heightened and you enjoy it to the maximum. This is called the 'high'. Cannabis Sativa gives you a high whereas Cannabis Indica makes you feel 'stoned'.

The second stage, I would call it 'The Confused' state. This state is very much obscure for the user while smoking as his brain is confused most of the time, but the mind doesn't want to let go of the substance. The user soon finds out that only if you give it a break, can the substance affect you in an undesirable manner. Hence the user gives it more and more importance than before. He/She becomes a frequent user. This is the point where it can become addictive. This stage is characterized by the lack of basic motor skills like walking, driving etc. If he uses frequently, another type of reality emerges in the users mind where everything looks unreal. This is the withdrawal symptom. The user then smokes up again to make sense of his surroundings. If the person still isn't satisfied with its effects, he moves into the third stage.

I would like to call this stage 'The Chaos'. In this stage, the user tries to avoid smoking marijuana and will resort to some other 'uppers' like cocaine or MDMA. This is because the user has lost track of reality and he is completely dependent on substances for his day to day activities. To talk, the user needs alcohol, to think he/she needs pot. If the user still continues to use pot, it will lead to the loss of his/her mind. This is the extreme level to which marijuana can take you. Self destruction is the end result of marijuana addiction. So my advise to you all is not to smoke this deadly substance, instead use your brain to control your mind and the senses. If you do that, you will get enough euphoria from the nature itself.

Yours truly.


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