Our worlds derive out of incompleteness. I know that this is a bold statement to make but I can explain it rationally. The complete form is called Moksha or Advaitham or Nirvana. Beyond this stage there is nothing. Hence we have something before this stage. This something is not complete. The worlds are not complete. But the Buddhists say that there was nothing before creation(only in a worldly perspective). They claim to have the existence of a void(Shoonyam)present before creation. But this is a false claim. If void was there then how can one say that there was nothing present? This was the logical reason given by Adi Shankaracharya when a couple of Buddhists came to him for a debate. Nothing can be created from thin air. All of these existed before the inception of the planet named earth, in another name and form. All of this information is given in the Vedas which is a collection of knowledge about  the source of everything.

If we attain Nirvana, the soul cannot simply exist within the body because it will have out grown the body. Then that soul becomes omnipresent and omnipotent. The moment we do things with our body, the soul identifies itself with the body and comes back to its chained state. The reason for this is unknown, as we ponder on even at this state, we may lose our minds! To perform we need to be selfish[sic.] This selfish state is incomplete. But we can live like a lotus leaf in water, which is untouched by water. A god bound in human form would be the right way to put it. For him we have no idol. For him we have no rituals, for him we have no temples, neither the fire nor all the elements can touch him. All of this is that complete form which is beyond words to articulate. This is only a mere attempt to try and encompass that unlimited supreme force.

The limit of the universe is a question. But I feel that the universe is itself a circle. An enormous gigantic unimaginable circle. Modern science has proved to have found worm holes in outer space. These worm holes will take us back and forth to galaxies. This vicious circle that we experience in the form of Samsaram(bondage) is  an exemplification of the universe itself. The earth becomes a miniature model of the universe. According to the concept of maya(illusion), the world is unreal. By now, I think you know what I mean by that. If you want anything from this unreal world, be selfish. If you don't want anything from this world, then feel free to renounce it and be that omnipotent being.



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