Fruedian Principles on The Harry Potter Series.

In my generation, there wouldn't be a person who hasn't watched The Harry Potter movies and who did not like it. Right from The Philosopher's stone to The Deathly Hallows, everyone would have been a part of it. Rightly so, I too was a part of it and was sad after the last movie got released. J.K.Rowling is as imaginative a person as her characters are and the whole idea of a secret world named Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry is absolutely stunning. This is an attempt to reconstruct her three main characters and give them a psychoanalysis based on Frued's concept of Id, Ego, and Superego.

Applying Frued's principle, we can see that Harry becomes the Ego. Hermione becomes the Superego and Ron, the Id. Id is derived by pleasure principle[sic.]. Ron is filled with emotions which he cannot control. Although he wants fame and recognition apart from the fact that he is one of Harry's best friends, he always is under the tag of  being 'Harry Potter's stupid friend'. Not just the character of Ron, Harry and Hermione too are complimentary to each other. One cannot solely exist without the other. Thus the comparison of these characters with the Fruedian principles makes much more sense.

The Ego, played by Mister Daniel Radcliffe is the highlight of the show. In the movies, Harry is never shown to have succeeded without any external help. He is neither solitary in his own world nor in the external world. His whole life is known to all and he himself is unaware of many things until the masters: Dumbledore and Snape help him out. Dumbledore is another interesting character who remains a mystery to all till the end. Did he plot all this before he died? Why did he choose to die? Is it because if he shows his bravery to Harry, then he wouldn't hesitate to die in the end as he is a horcrux? Hence I call him the Mystery Man. Snape is an epitome of sacrifice. He sacrificed the love of his life and at last his own life to save others'.

The super ego is our super intelligent Hermione. Right from the first movie, she is shown to be an "insufferable know-it-all". It is hilariously portrayed by the writer as there is a need for Hermione to
"sort out her priorities" as she picks her studies more importantly than death itself. So, she is our Superego who directs the Ego to go on and find its right path.  But the fact that the ego is the most important factor for a human beings is clearly stated in the first movie when Hermione calls Harry a Great wizard. Up until that moment all would have thought that Hermione is the best, but Rowling debunks the idea of an intelligent and cleaver person being the greatest. She proves the fact that "Each is Great in His Own Place"[sic.]  

The writer puts it in a special sequence where strictly speaking, the roles of Ron and Hermione can be interchanged as far as psychoanalysis is concerned. But overall nature of the characters have the above mentioned traits.



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