Fate or Destiny?

Is it an escapism to blame it on fate? Are we really destined for something when we are born? I personally don't believe in calling it as either of them because we get only what we deserve and nothing more, nothing less. Fate can be termed as being the repercussions of your Karma. By Karma, I don't mean just the physical work that we do. Even the very act of breathing itself is a Karma. Every Karma has to leave an impression on your mind. This is called the Sanskara (nearly translated to be inherent tendencies). Whether we like it or not, it will leave us with a tendency(vasana) to repeat the Karma. This is the cycle of Karma. All of us are born with, us born for it. But some people can transgress this and be like a lotus leaf in water, untouched by it. A person looking from the worldly perspective cannot understand why such people do their Karma. In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna says to Arjuna that he no longer has any Karma left in all the three worlds, but still remains performing the tasks.

Isn't there any escape from this dreadful circle of Karma? Yes there is, only if you attain the purity of the heart. The pure heart sees God[sic.]. Human beings are the only organisms on the planet who can attain this purity. Hence we are blessed not cursed to have gotten a human life. The Hindus do not believe in the 'Original Sin' because there wasn't a time before creation. If there were and only god was present, then we can ask the question who created this god? So that will make him less than some other force before him. This will lead to nothing. The destiny for us is to attain moksha. If not in this life may be in the next lives you can attain moksha. We can strive for a pure mind and then nothing can harm you. You will Rest In Peace with only good Sanskaras and you may carry on your duties in the next life. We blame it on fate when we lose something, but we don't give it credit when we gain something, do we?

God is there for the imperfect. Perfection can only be attained through god which leads to self realization. This is the very end of Karma Yoga or any yoga for that matter. But its not what we call as the moksha. Still we have to move forward but not disturbed by the actions you perform. This state itself is bliss. But there always will be a higher authority functioning even at this stage(parabrahma). Lord Krishna, in the Bhagavad Githa proclaims to have reached the highest state(parabhama) and that there is nothing more than this. But no one can debunk the Dharma. That's why it is so powerful. Dharma in its highest meaning can be said as the force that binds us together like a thread that binds the beads of an amulet. We the humans, despite of our "races" are destined to be a part and parcel of this Dharma and we are supposed to protect it and in turn the Dharma will protect you. All these knowledge comes from the Vedas and from the soul which is the source of the Vedas. Hence a Hindu will pray Loka Samastha Sughino Bhavanthu (let the whole world be in bliss).



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