Who is controling whom?

Ladies and Gentlemen, have you ever wondered why its always 'Gentle' men and not just men?
The emergence of the feminist movements across the globe has indeed helped the women if you go by the saying "strength in numbers". Chivalry is not dead my folks. Don't take me as a male chauvinist too. I respect women a lot. In fact I try to see every woman as my mother. But I'm constantly being let down by the women around me. It all comes down to a big irony that women who complain about them being objectified actually are submitting themselves for objectification.

Men are physically stronger than women. I hope that no one would object this fact. The exertion of this physical power on women has resulted in them being mentally stronger. The sad fact is that the men nowadays are becoming more feminine in nature due to this mental strength of women. This is true even with the roles played by a mother in a boy's life. Boys are raised to be mentally weak these days.

Any relationship between two people of the opposite sex will have disagreements. If the bond is strong it will last, otherwise it will collapse like a house of cards. Men claim to have drawn a physical boundary for women. While women do the same mentally for men. Still people call this a patriarchal society while in fact we need to arrive at a new term which gives both the genders equal but opposite attention. The study of gender itself becomes something very absurd as they themselves don't know what they are talking about. I see humans as humans and not as men and women. Although I do see male and female distinctions. Men think that they get physically satisfied with women while they think that they control men mentally.
Hence the question "who is controlling whom?"


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