Ways of the Mind

Human mind is what we acquire or rather gather from our immediate surrounds. Sounds a little strange? It isn't. The accumulation of all the tendencies which are innate as well as acquired makes the mind unique in a way. But if you delve deep into your own psyche you will find an amazing and astounding connection between the mind and the surroundings. By the environment I mean not just the things around you. The humans and other organisms around you also contribute or influence your mind. It is like a never ending conversation between the world and your world.

The Hindu saints are known to have renounced the world. Renunciation here is not the literal world but the metaphorical one which is the kind of imaginary notions that all of us have of the world, which becomes our world. Hence they renounce their mind and live as one with the universe.

The point here is that the minds are connected. There are different aspects as well as stages of the mind. If you take a look at the Vedas and Upanishads there we can find the perfect explanation of the characteristics of  the human mind. Blessed are we the humans to have attained such a wondrous life with the potential to elevate yourself or to rediscover your self as the god(Brahman).

Do not jump into the conclusion that the mind is everything. We cannot claim to have created a unique mind as there will be influences by others. But the powers of the mind are unlimited. First and foremost thing that a person should do is to detach your self from the mind and be a mere observer of the mind. Train the mind with your will, it is the atmost possible success that you can achieve in this 'world'.

Salutations to everyone. 


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