Pirates of The Caribbean

The idea of the character named Jack Sparrow got into me the moment I watched him on the screen. All the five movies in my opinion are top notch. In light of the recently released  movie "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales", I would like to point out a few things which I noticed.

This tale gives us the details on how Jack Sparrow became "Captain" Jack Sparrow. The moment he was conferred upon with this title, we can see his amazing 'spontaneous plans' in action. I use this term to indicate that his maneuvers are a mixture of both luck and grace. The idea behind jack's character to me, seems as though they are trying to say that, even a really skilled man can be given such a derogatory term as that of a pirate. But Jack always is "drunk, with a smile on his face".

The film takes up multiple issues like religion, role of science, contemporary English society, Gender and so on. This film critiques the religion for not accepting the scientific explanations given by a woman who is being called a 'witch'. At the same time, it is hinting at science's negligence towards supernatural forces. The theme of family, although in a piratey way, is portrayed very beautifully in this film.

Analyzing all the five films, one may arrive at a conclusion that its being too repetitive. But that's for all those who cant empathize with the man. Again quoting from the movie I would like to say "think like Jack, it'll come to you."



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