Sound Influence

Hi folks, have you ever wondered why nature responds to your call? Haven't you walked in tears while its raining? Haven't you come across a cool gentle breeze when you are happy? If yes, these aren't strange coincidences. Its mother nature's way of comforting you. But what do we give her back? Pure garbage!

I'm trying to elaborate on how sounds influence our body and mind. Nowadays we listen to all kinds of music raging from pop to hardcore death metal. You may not notice these small nuances in your system but these sounds will have a tremendous effect on your body and mind. The mind is so very powerful that the vibrations in the environment can be attuned by it. But you give the mind more than what it can tolerate. Hence it results in the opposite effect of your mind getting tuned by these music.The amount of adrenaline that is produced in the body, if it does not find any usage will adversely affect you. Imagine a situation where your mind turns into a rampaging death metal song? If all of the world's population were to be in this state surely we are up for The Judgement Day. Scientifically tuned music can actually help you relax in a meditative way. For example the Indian classical music. It is so well developed by people who have mastered the skill of collaborating the sounds of the nature(both human and divine) into a magnificent piece of art. The rhythmic melodies will help you not just to transcend beyond your body but beyond the mind and help you be one with nature.

Not just music, the kind of food that we eat also contributes to the development of your mind.
Vegetarianism is the best for humans as the human digestive system is made in such a way that it is more receptive of vegetarian foods. As for sounds, the frequencies matter. Too much bass can even effect your heart so to say. Nature is kind, but do not take it for granted, because once these violent frequencies that you emit constantly become more than what nature can tolerate, it will resort to violence. So my advice is that listen to pleasant music which will not distort your mind.



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