Is it a Boon or a Bane?
To Love thyself more?
Mystical creatures, the lot of us.
Is it innate or is it acquired?
The masks that we wear
Slaves to our own SELF
The true self lies within;
Under the blanket,
Thick and Dark.

So fret not my love,
For I shall take you,
Not to Paris or Venice
To see things with your inward eye,
All this will Perish:
You and I.
And the universe shall remain,
Holding values many never knew,
Nor they ever will.

Selfish we are, the mortals.
Forced by nature:
Of humans and gods.
What is better? To live,
With or without your-self?
Many choices, but all lead to one:
The final fate that all have to endure

When that hour has come
And your case presented
In the court of your mind,
Flashes by, all your deeds
From cradle to the grave
Alone you will confront
Your-self that you cared most.
To defend or to prosecute?
That my friend,
Is the choice of your life-time.


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