Nietzsche's description on superman stuck me with wonder initially. It was with almost perfection that he described the status of such men of power. The feminists would have an argument on this view because it is super 'men' and not women. That is why I have given the title as 'superhumans' and not just supermen. Nietzsche's idea is that men can attain a status way above the so called ordinary men. This is a very high state indeed but according to his principle these men are born with such qualities. People who are born as 'ordinary' also can attain this status through incessant work. I shall give some of my own example for such human beings. We say Sachin Tendulkar is the god of cricket in India. Indeed he is a god of cricket. Some other examples would be Charlie Chaplin as god of comedy and Marlon Brando as god of acting. But if you take a closer look, there are others too who will fall into this category.

Swami Vivekananda was a very talented person…


The world, we imagine it to be real. But we need strong imagination to thrive on. Imagination is the linchpin of success. People who have strong imagination tend to be successful in their lives. Take up an idea and make that idea your whole life[sic.]. The power of the mind is so intense that your idea, if imagined to be very strong will be manifested in some form or the other. People say don't be selfish, but selfishness to an extend is needed in the present world.

If you become successful, share it, because you cannot claim to have reached heights only by yourself. Have gratitude and supply for the needy. If you do good, good will always have a way of coming back to you. It might not be from the same person but from a different person in a different form it will always find you. A pure mind devoid of all negativity will do only good things. That is real beauty. External appearance may define a person to an extend but inside matters the most. If you can be good and do good at th…


Have you ever been a mere shadow of someone? Have you ever tried to imitate someone in your life? Trying to adapt their values and mannerisms in life? Apart from you Gurus and parents whom have you chosen as your 'role-model'. Its not about whomsoever it is, but imitation is a dangerous thing. Imitation limits you very badly. It spoils you. It leaves a bad impression of you on others. We subconsciously imitate many people. This fact is really unknown to us. Record your actions once and try to observe yourself closely. Then you may find yourself in a way behaving like your mentor. Having role-models is fine but blindly following them is not. Be a leader not a follower.

The good things that a person does can be adapted into your own life but not imitated. This is the point where I disagree with Gandhi. He said 'My Life is My Message' what did he actually mean by that? His life is his own to live. He cannot just simply impose it on others which he did as I reckon. Takin…

Value Judgements.

Before judging others, try to judge yourself and find out how miserably you will fail. Judging someone with your own standards is not fair. If you don't know their standards then how can you judge? Only god can look down on people. A proper judge would be the one who has realized herself/himself. Now, the judges in the court will have the book of law as their standard. But to judge yourself, there is no such book. Your own experiences measure you, your actions define you. If you are mentally and intellectually strong enough to measure yourself in the light of your own experiences that would be wonderful!

People often say "forget the past and move on". I'd like to say forget the emotions that are attached with the past and not the experiences. Learn your lessons and leave it at that. Experience is your greatest Guru. You will have to judge yourself till the point it becomes harmful for you and the others around you! That is how you can draw the line between reality a…

Down The Rabbit Hole.

Down the rabbit hole she goes,
But she is no rabbit.
In her world she moves
Coming upon that is her habit.

She talks to herself!
"what a lovely day"
Beyond the scope of herself
Comes the man to be gay!

Her world was full of flowers,
But the man hated nature!
He took away all her colours
And gave her too much torture.

Let this be said loud and clear:
In the hole she is right and he is wrong.
Where should they be placed to bear,
The harmonious whispers too strong.

Give and Take

The Concept of Nationality.

India was the Guru of all nations. what we see today is a mere shadow of that great nation(Bharat). India was once a nation. but now it is just a country. Nationality is oneness in spirit and soul insofar as the nation is concerned.The concept of 'our nation', instead of 'my nation'. What we see today, especially on Independence Day and Republic Day is not nationalism. It is just patriotism. But these vary in a much greater degree than you think. When we say patriotism it the 'I' as an individual and its 'we the nation' for nationality. There is no collective we operating in India. What happened to us people or rather citizens?

We have been simulating sleep for ages now. That's why in Swami Vivekananda's famous quote "Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached", 'Arise' comes first and then we have to 'Awake'. But now the dark times are hopefully over and the thick veil that was covering the nation is slowly be…