Homage to the Devil

Praise the Devil, Praise the Lord
Both, two sides of the same coin.
If one is praised and the other
Is pelted with stones,
Who is to say that He will save
Us from misery when He is to be

Light a lamp, offer food
For the righteous Devil!
He may grant you the wishes
Never to be true in the light
Of that all merciful Lord.
The mind that prays cannot
Subdue the mind that hurts.

Is there a duel between them?
The Devil and the Lord?
This incongruity shall never
Seem to pass this wretched world
What has become of man?
Is he an offspring?
Of the Devil and the Lord?

When shall he learn the obvious?
Both are inevitable for mankind
Both exist buried deep within 
One's mind
The choice is left to us to be the
Devil or the Lord.
Hail the mankind.

Mind Service

Take out my mind,
What all comes out?
Look, there I am,
Riding a bicycle
Feeding on my mother's breasts
I cannot tell you all this
Oh wait, if not you, then who?

I gave it to my master
He will
Cleanse it for me, I thought
He gazed at it
For a minute or two
And said, my friend its overdue!
Like a churning river it flowed,
In and out of this tomb.

"Give me a break", I pleaded.
Once it starts, there's no stopping
I looked there and I looked here
Nowhere I found the poison
To kill this beastly dragon,
Spitting hell fire on all.

I shut me up in my mind
I let it loose like an hind
Endless seas for it to go,
Before it reaches the shore
The creator rests in peace
Deep within the limitless seas
I see it now, but now its gone!
In my heart where it was born.

Keen Whispers

In the sweet darkness of the night
Like a jasmine you bloom into my sight
In your scorpion tails that sting me
Your ego is my passion

Why fritter away thy ingenious soul?
This darkness is transient
My words, powerless for thine temper
Let this be an impetuous tone

Arise my love, you know not
What lies beneath that cold scoff
Truth is sweet to behold
My heart beckons the best in You

Beneath the mask of your clan
I see a stupendous child
Yearning for freedom that comes
With the light of my eyes

Marks of woe shall never prevail
In your world of bright skies
Let me be the brightest rainbow
To ever shine in your world of splendor.

Paradox of Misery.

The world is full of paradoxes, more than that it is full of misery. Misery way beyond the comprehension of the ordinary man. That is the paradox. The small joys and wonders that we run after will surely come to an end as soon as the mind retrieves from that. But you would have conditioned your mind in a way that it wants it again. What if you dont get it or it doesnt give you the same joy it used to? The misery starts. This can be applied for all the material possessions in the world. The world has a set of laws and no one can transgress it. But it is foolish to term it as fate and relax a bit. Your fate is in your own hands.

Consider the case of a pregnant woman. Her family will rejoice. All of them will be carried away by the same fact. This is indeed very nice and it should be that way. But what if, by the oddest of chances they turn out to be unsuccessful parents? Every child is unique and some may take a whole life time to understand certain characters of a son or a daughter. B…

Ode to the Sky

Heavens into stars, a vibrant constellation
The sky is just with no discrimination
A flight of stairs into heaven
Words fail in thy haven
The sun, the moon, the stars all freed
By your beauteous space where the creed-
Of joy and happiness way beyond
The worlds of birds and there abound;
The mighty pillars of god
The heavens be thy sod.
Dream on young angelic princess
With my words I shall caress
And build a world wondrous to behold
In the depths of my heart you I shall hold.

For the Lost Soul.

For the lost soul, my love
Plead insanity, I bow-
Down to thine might
Took me away once in a flight
Above and o'er the setting sun
I fall into the dark abyss, I run;
Away from you, into the hands of a few
Who lifts me up like a drop of dew
Eternal sunshine awaits you, my love
Forever and away from me, my dove.
See me now for I will be gone
Like a receding tide waiting to be born
Again with temptable might in bones
You shall emerge in different tones.

Divided Self.

What is personality? It is derived from the word 'persona' which literally means a mask. People with great personality are people who wear a thick mask. What are we hiding from? Why do we constantly divide ourselves to suite the needs of others' and destroy our own selves? Be bold and face life with dignity. Bravery is not jumping out of an aeroplane or jumping in-front of a moving train. A person who has controlled his/her brain is a brave person. The Sanskrit word dharyam  means a person who has controlled his/her brain and it is translated as bravery.

Never humiliate anyone, at the same time, never be humiliated. Everyone loves themselves the most. The fact whether it is a boon or a bane is debatable. If this much is clear, how can anyone say that they love their child/mother/wife/husband the most. If anyone says that, be sure that its a lie. Life is all about struggles. Be it a struggle within you or a struggle amongst your peers. Even if you come out of that, we have…